Special Occasions

Celebrate Special Occasions like birthdays or engagements with Savoy Yacht Charter in Auckland Hauraki Gulf

Celebrate Special Occasions

Savoy Charters offer the highest quality of service and expertise. Our services are offered across a wide range of offshore activities, in and around the Hauraki Gulf. Celebrate your next special occasion with a sailing charter, onboard Savoy. Our creativity, customer focus, and attention to detail ensure each Savoy experience is truly unique, and unforgettable.

We have fused our vast knowledge of the Gulf and passion for locally inspired, gourmet cuisine to create a truly unique special occasions charter cum dining experience that sets us apart from the rest. Whether you are looking to host a corporate social event, celebrate a special birthday, or head out for some adventure fishing, Savoy Charters is your first port of call.

Please get in touch with our experienced crew with any questions so that we can assist.