Miley’s Waiheke Adventure

A day on the water with Savoy

Miley Cirus experiences Savoy charters in Auckland New Zealand


Pop music’s enfant terrible, who engaged in twerking, crotch grabbing and an obscenity-littered dialogue with the audience at her concert last night, kept a decidedly more sedate and grown up pace on Waiheke Island today.

Miley Cyrus, 21, enjoyed a sophisticated lunch at the Oyster Inn, a walk around the herb gardens at Mudbrick Vineyards, and a friendly encounter with two family alpacas in the home of longtime Waiheke resident Max Walker, who played tour guide.

“Miley was just lovely,” Walker said. “So fun and friendly. And she loved Waiheke. I took her to my beachfront house on Onetangi where I have two alpacas and she just loved the view across the water. She said, ‘I’ve been all over the world and I’ve never seen a more beautiful place than Waiheke’.”

“She promised to be back, and she said next time she’d go for a hike around the island.”

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Cyrus was dressed for the day in a beige knitted tracksuit (possibly by Marc jacobs) and a PVC bucket hat. She and her friends, including her 20-year-old brother Braison, chartered a boat, Savoy Charters, and the skipper, Kyle, told The Diary “they had a wonderful time onboard”.

They were brought ashore to Onetangi beach on a Sealegs inflatable boat.

Cyrus flies out of New Zealand tonight for Melbourne for the Australian leg of her tour.

Her close friend Leesa Maree tweeted their journey through Waiheke and posted photos on her Instagram account. The group even made a friend, called Blake (he’s the one in the red jacket).