The Raindrops are Falling, the Birds are Flying and the Fish are Biting

Savoy and her crew had the privilege of having Kauri Bay Boomrock join her on what was seeming to be a rather gloomy day. But they were never to fear, as Savoy’s fisherman guru was near and soon the rain jackets were on and the competition for the fish was taking place between Kauri Bay Boomrock and some notorious Gannets.

The Gannets may have won the Snapper round against Kauri Bay Boomrock, but Savoy’s Skipper has a never give up spirit and can be seen with a successful grin and a fish that could feed a family, a family of carnivorous shrimp that is (Fun fact: Shrimp are omnivores).

Other than the Snappers deciding to play hide and seek (on this occasion they seemed to have excelled at the hiding), it was an extremely successful Kahawai day out.

Two Kahawai started fighting over who got to be a gentleman’s catch of the day and as he could not decide who to pick, he took both home instead. As well as, a lovely lady who can put the biggest smile on her dinners face.

There were a few breakaways due to the weight in some relationships, the fisherman does not want to move to the sea and the fish does not want to move to land, so it is sometimes best to cut each other loose.

That being said, with our delightful guests on board we had many fish wanting to join the party. We had to even turn a few fish away as we started to feel a bit crowded. We motored home with our hearts happy and in the distance you could hear the fish gargling in chorus telling us to visit again soon.

Yes we shall fishies, yes we shall.

Hook, Line and Sinker Regards

The Savoy Crew