Bountiful Breakfast on Board


We have no problem with dawn departures from the Viaduct.  In fact, we think it’s best if you set off early on your search for super-sized snapper.  However, we don’t recommend fishing on an empty stomach!  Once the caffeine has kicked in, Chef will conjure up a bountiful and beautiful breakfast. Includes our lovely chef on board.


Morning and Afternoon Tea


If you are traveling to Waiheke for a late lunch or had a very early breakfast you may just need one of our Smoked South Island salmon bagels with cream cheese, followed by some of Chef’s very own homemade banana bread keep you going. Coffee, included of course!


Fisherman’s Feast


Sometimes, and usually when you have a rod in one hand and a beer in the other, you need something easy to eat but filling. OK, so you may need to put the beer down. Our Fishermen’s feast lunch is for well, for fishermen!


Captivating Canapes


Our Canapes go well with corporates, customers, clients, Christmas parties, cruises, charters, catching fish, and competition winners. Can you think of anything else? Includes our lovely chef on board.


BBQ on the Briny


Our BBQ’s are so popular we have expanded our range! We still have the ever popular 3- course Gourmet BBQ but this season we have introduced BBQ on the Briny as well. It will a hard choice so we are sorry about that! Best ask for our menus and then you can choose. Includes our lovely chef on board.

 If you would like to see our full menus, please email us