Just Chilling Cruises

Why not just get a group of friends or family together and just chill out on the water!

Our harbour cruise charter is the ideal way to watch the sunset over the beautiful Auckland City skyline whilst sipping on a chilled cocktail or a glass of champagne. Our Skipper will take you for a tour under the Auckland Harbour Bridge or to some of the Gulf’s many secluded island hideaways.


Surprise parties! Those big “O” parties! 21 st Parties! Why not celebrate on the water in style on the Savoy!
Now we know it’s not politically correct to mention a girl’s size especially her width! But with the Savoy it is alright to inform you that she is a bit on the wide-side, you see it just allows for a bit more room everywhere really, making her ideal for parties. She is both stable and spacious. She is elegant and comfortable.

Dance with the Dolphins, Drink as Dusk Descends and Eat as you Enjoy! It is your PARTY and you can CHARTER if you like!