Savoy Private VIP Experience


The Savoy crew are well accustomed to VIPs coming onboard the Savoy. We know that our VIPs want and expect the very best. We pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations throughout their entire time onboard the Savoy.

If a requirement, our guests will experience the most scrumptious cuisine prepared by our onboard chef. We will have only the very best of Waiheke wines to serve.

Our VIP charters include:

Extensive knowledge of the more secluded and serene spots around the Hauraki Gulf.
A real opportunity to get away from the madding crowds and the frenzy of everyday life.
Top notch service, a true Kiwi experience with fine locally sourced dining and wines.

Our VIP Transfers Include:

Waiheke Island
Luxury transport to and from Waiheke Island
Hurakia Lodge
Luxury transport to and from Hurakia Lodge
Hauraki Gulf
Explore more of Auckland's playground
As with our transfers, we understand when discretion is required and privacy is expected.
Please inquire here for more information on our VIP services.